Stucco Stress

The House. The House. The House. THE HOUSE.  Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long but I’m a little preoccupied these days and all my creative energy has been sucked up by THE HOUSE!

Anyone who owns a house knows that the responsibility can be overwhelming.  Suddenly you are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of a whole entire building.  Put that building in another state, 240 miles away, add some peeling stucco, a faulty staircase and a multitude of other annoying problems and you get some major stress. 

IMG_0172water damagebox

In the past 6 months I’ve experienced a level of anxiety I haven’t seen since 1995 when I worked at a law firm that represented clients being sued by dying AIDS patients. 

People have been telling me I should write about it, to help get it all out.  I’ve been telling myself the same thing.  But seriously, will writing about new stucco really help? 


Does anyone really care about the week of sleep I lost when Jerry and I decided at the last minute to forgo white trim we had studied carefully in all shades of light on specially made stucco samples for a color we chose off the chart the night before it went up? 

stucco samples

It was called FEATHERLY and it ended up being a great move.  The new stucco on the house, with dark trim around the doors and window, is beautiful. 

house new stucco

Next on deck is a deck.  

3 thoughts on “Stucco Stress

  1. Lisa Allen

    Hi Karen,
    I was thinking about you and took a look at your website. We redid our kitchen last year. Only cosmetic stuff nothing structural. Way too many choices to be made. It’s amazing how stressful the whole process is. Long story short, even though it takes Dave and I a long time to make up our minds about things, I really like the choices we made.

    I do remember when I lost it though. Dave and I spent days/weeks trying to decide what lighting, what brand of lighting, how many lights, where to put the lights, etc. in the kitchen. We finally made our choices…then Dave looked online and discovered that we also needed to pick out a switchplate from 30 different colors. That was one decision too many for my little brain. I lost it. After a good night of sleep the decision was easy…a switchplate to match all of the others in the house – ivory. It was such a simple choice to make, but after making decision after decision, I just couldn’t make another one. I can only imagine how hard the decisions become when making them for a whole house.

    I miss you.

    Love, Lisa

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