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Sweeping Together

One of the best things about being married is the opportunity to sweep together. I dare say that for me and Jerry it is probably photoone of the most intimate things we do.

Last month we were clearing out construction debris in the in-law unit of our Nevada house and naturally we ended the activity by sweeping. It was great. Jerry grabbed a broom, I had a dustpan and together we worked to get the floor swept clean. Jerry would brush sawdust into a big pile and I would scoop it up with the dustpan. While I was depositing it into the trash bag Jerry would brush the remaining debris into another pile for round two.

As we progressed to other sections of the room where the debris was heavier we naturally switched places and I took the broom while Jerry held the dustpan. Little words were said while we focused on the moment and the work.

At one point we both had brooms, each sweeping our different end of the room, but eventually we came back together, combining our piles in to a single one, Jerry holding the dustpan, repositioning it at the end of the line of dirt made by the edge while I filled it.

We really should sweep together more often.

Finally! My Life is a Meg Cabot Novel

I had the best conversation with Jerry the other night:

Jerry: How about chili for dinner? We have a can in the pantry. We can heat that up and have it over rice.

Me: Sounds good. Want to add a can of corn as well?

Jerry: No!

Me: Why not? You like corn. We have tons and it should make for a nice hearty chili.

Jerry: No! I hate corn in chili.

Me: You hate corn in chili? We’ve been married for 10 years and I had no idea.

Jerry: Well now you know.

Me: You hate it when they put corn in the chili!

Unless you are a Meg Cabot fan and have read The Princess Diaries this conversation will baffle you as much as it did Jerry. For me, it made my day!