Finally! My Life is a Meg Cabot Novel

I had the best conversation with Jerry the other night:

Jerry: How about chili for dinner? We have a can in the pantry. We can heat that up and have it over rice.

Me: Sounds good. Want to add a can of corn as well?

Jerry: No!

Me: Why not? You like corn. We have tons and it should make for a nice hearty chili.

Jerry: No! I hate corn in chili.

Me: You hate corn in chili? We’ve been married for 10 years and I had no idea.

Jerry: Well now you know.

Me: You hate it when they put corn in the chili!

Unless you are a Meg Cabot fan and have read The Princess Diaries this conversation will baffle you as much as it did Jerry. For me, it made my day!

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2 Responses to Finally! My Life is a Meg Cabot Novel

  1. OMG yes!!! JP!!! I’ve been thinking the last few days I’ve been having PD withdrawals! I really need to read these again, it’s been too long!!! 🙂

    BTW, are you signing up for Meg-a Readers???? The sign-ups are up! 🙂

    • Lady Jessop says:

      Hi Mandy! Absolutely I am participating in Meg-a-Readers this year! Sorry I’m so slow getting back to you but it’s been busy and I was also having some weird issues with the link thingy on your blog. I gotta stop using IE because it just doesn’t get along with a lot of the blogs I read. 🙁

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