Pen to Paper

pen to paper

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I’ve been having a helluva time writing lately. Even composing emails at work is painful.

I finally decided it was the computer’s fault. I wrote the draft of this post sitting at the table putting words on paper. Words came out through my hands, moving the pen instead of on the computer screen and ah-ha! Something finally started happening.

As I’ve suspected for a long time now. I’m one of those people who needs to practice pen to paper writing from time to time. Hopefully it’s not a permanent thing because I do love that tap-tapping sound writing on the keyboard makes. Not only that but good god, if Jerry knew that a simple piece of paper and a crappy pen from the dollar store proved a better source of creative inspiration than the multitude of electronic gadgets he’s bought me over the years I’m dead.

Any writers reading this right now? Do you like to sit down with old fashioned pen and paper or can you write exclusively on a keyboard?

2 thoughts on “Pen to Paper

  1. Neal


    When I write, which isn’t often, I have to do it via a computer. That was something I started right after high school, which ironically now took sometime to get used to.


    1. Lady Jessop

      Interesting! You must have been one of those people who used a computer all through college. 🙂 I did not get a computer until my last year and even then I still handwrote all my papers and then typed them in.


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