Jessopland Update 2013

Lest you think I’ve turned this blog into a Meg Cabot fan site, and because it’s right at my personal Happy New Year cut off date of January 15th, I thought I’d give a recap of other things I did this past year.

We started January 2013 with brand new stucco on the Nevada house but only a partially built deck.

House partial stair and deck

We spent the next several months filing claims with the Nevada State Contractors Board and waiting for our contractor to surface from wherever he disappeared to. Work finally commenced again in April.

House trucks

By August we finally had a completed deck that was up to code.

House new deck

The next big project will be to get the in-law unit in habitable condition.

House in law unit

October saw me and Jerry married for 10 whole years! We celebrated the milestone pretty quietly since we had big plans for later in the month. And what were those big plans? Why Nevada Day of course!

Jerry has declared Nevada Day his favorite holiday and as such we are bound to keep the day open and sacred from here on out. I don’t think any state in America celebrates their admission day like Nevada.

We started the festivities on a Thursday night by attending Governor Sanchez’s 4th Annual Nevada Day ball at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno. The highlight of the evening was meeting another distinguished government official, President of Molassia, His Excellency Kevin Baugh.

President of Molassia

Molassia, is a small country (ie: a micro nation) located on a 1.6 acre piece of property in Dayton Nevada.

Saturday morning the celebration continued with the Carson City Republican Women’s Pancake Breakfast at the Governor’s Mansion. The governor himself was there pouring coffee!

Governor Sanchez

After breakfast we secured a spot for the parade. In the land of gambling, 24 hour buffets, legal prostitution, guns and Republicans (the voting power of Las Vegas is not even acknowledged) there are a lot of floats to accommodate. I’m pretty sure it went on for 4 or more hours.

Nevada day parade 2Nevada day parade 4Nevada day parade

With the fun of Nevada Day under our belt we raced home for our next celebration, my parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. I spent most of the summer planning this party with my parents. I had the invitations out by Labor Day and a month later I found out the restaurant we had reserved went out of business after 20 years! This is exactly the type of thing that makes me stress over and hate party planning.

I spent a few frantic days looking for another restaurant to host the party and ended up at Terra Mia in Livermore. The food was great, the service fantastic and a good time was had by all.

anniversary cake

Turns out the anniversary party was our big family event for the year with the added bonus of back east relatives. Thanksgiving and Christmas were quiet (but tasty) affairs with just me and Jerry and Mom and Dad.

New Years was spent at The House in Carson City where those gun totin’ Nevadans made sure we were awake at midnight.

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  1. Neal says:

    Sounds like you had a full year. 🙂

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