30 Days of Truth: Something You Love About Yourself

Oh dear.  This is way harder than writing about something I hate about myself.  What do I love about myself?  Hmmm…

Oh here’s a good one!  Those of you who work with me and are exposed on a daily basis to my annoyingly stressful self might be surprised to know that I have very low blood pressure.  I know!  It’s something I love about myself because it means I’m healthy. 

I always knew my blood pressure was normal because whenever I go to the doctor and they take my blood pressure I get positive nod and a “very good!” from the person who takes it.  Then a few years ago I went to donate blood in the company blood drive and they turned me down because my blood pressure was too low!  It was crazy!  At first I was concerned.  I’m a serious about sharing my blood because every pint counts.  But when I got over that I starting worrying about my own health.  I mean, if your blood pressure is too low it means you’re dead, right?  But after careful research in my medical library (ie: Google) I could find nothing negative about having low blood pressure.  In fact, the time it was too low to donate blood was when I was training for a half-marathon.  How’s that for a good example of the benefits of exercise?  

If only I could remember how great exercise is for keeping one’s blood pressure low when I’m ditching my lunchtime workout at the gym in lieu of a bag of Cheetos and a teen vampire novel.  I really hate that about myself! 

D’oh!  It’s so easy to get off topic! 

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4 Responses to 30 Days of Truth: Something You Love About Yourself

  1. Susan Thul says:

    Great writing… how true, I can tell you 30 things I hate about myself. But if I think about it for awhile I could think of at least one area: that I’m discipline in exercise, diet, etc. So you gave me something to think about some more……

  2. I have ridiculously low blood pressure readings all the time, too. I figure it means I’m mostly comatose, which is why I generally don’t panic much under pressure 😛

  3. kathy says:

    You really are a great writer. I had really low pressure too. Turns out my mitral valve was leaking. Ooops Got that fixed and now I am a stress case. Love to read these.

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