Testing! Testing! 1-2-3…

What do you get the gal who has everything and you’re too cheap to buy jewelry?  You get her a website of course!  Welcome to my very own website, LadyJessop.com Jerry’s latest attempt to give me my heart’s desire. 

You may have noticed that my old blog was hosted on Jessopland.com.  That was just a starter blog.  Something to help me cut my teeth, all under the security of the Jessopland brand.  But a few months ago I broke the news to Jerry that I was interested in having my own domain.  I thought he’d scoff and scold and tell me, “What’s wrong with the the blog I set up for you?”  Instead he went out into the wild territory of the internet and brought me back my own domain, LadyJessop.com.  To help me get my new site set up he got me Artisteer, which is the easiest way for a non-HTLM coder (ie: me) to set up a blog and SJ Namo WebEditor which I am still too scared to use.  He also got me Photo ImpactPro has already enhanced my blogging enjoyment immensely (see Jessop family photo in the banner).  And to top it all off, this weekend he got me a beautiful new Lenovo laptop with an i5 core (whatever the hell that means) and a 14 inch screen. 

I guess he’s not so cheap after all. 

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3 Responses to Testing! Testing! 1-2-3…

  1. Neal says:

    What, you’ve had that new i5 thingy for a couple of days now already, so it’s about time we finally see a post here. 😛

  2. SO cool!!!!! Congratulations on a great domain all your own, m’Lady.

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks for stopping buy guys! I’ll try to update again soon.