Par-tay for Chardonnay

A few weeks ago Jerry and I went wine tasting at the Byngington Winery in Los Gatos. It was actually a party hosted by my friend, the Lovely Diana…a Wine Party, if you will. 

I can’t tell you how much Jerry has longed to go to a wine party. 

karen jerry winery caption 

We got to the winery early where we waited for Diana and some of the other guests who were arriving by limousine.  I did not get a picture of the limo because this one got in the way.  Is this pink Hummer limo spectacular or what? 

pink limo

Once the full party arrived, we went on a tour of the winery while Richard, our guide, poured us various samples of Byngington wines.  I was unable to take any photos at this point because I was too busy drinking wine and trying to understand the tour.  Also, they served cheese halfway through the tour which required my full attention. 

After the tour we all gathered for a delicious lunch of pasta, cucumber cups and delicious chicken apple sausage with homemade mustard. 

I enjoyed meeting Diana’s friends.  They used words like “ghastly” and many of them knew a lot about wine.  I didn’t let them in on my little secret which I will now make public: of all the wines we tasted that day, none of them can take the place of my old friend box-o-wine.

4 thoughts on “Par-tay for Chardonnay

  1. Guy Burdick

    First of all, Karen, you look so good in that pic you’re making Jerry look good!

    Secondly, I have often considered buying box-o-wine in bulk, pouring it into expensive looking bottles, slapping a fancy French label on it and making a tidy little profit. Ghastly indeed!

  2. Jeannie

    Hola chica linda! Gracias, thanks for the pics! Looks like you have a wonderfully fabulous day for wine tasting and birthday celebration. A pink stretch Hummer? So girly! ;-p


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