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Good Night Seattle, I Love You!

A week ago today I was on the Sound Transit light rail headed to downtown Seattle. When Jerry had an opportunity to work the Seattle PAX consumer show and said I could tag along I jumped at the chance. I’ve been up to the Seattle Washington area many times for work but I’ve never had a chance to spend time in the city. Last week was finally my chance.

The highlight of the trip was getting to have lunch with a longtime family friend and my hero, Patricia Levin. August has been my month of reunions and reflection and ending it with a get together with Pat was just what I needed.

I spent the rest of the weekend bopping around downtown Seattle.

My favorite place to walk was Pikes Public Market. I went there every morning for a cup of coffee and any other treat I could get my hands on. In the evenings when Jerry got off work we walked down here as well and had some fantastic dinners. Seattle is definitely a food town!

Public Market

I also took the monorail to Seattle Center. I admired the Space Needle but was too chicken to go up. It was pretty windy that day and I did not have the mental energy to get out of my comfort zone.

Space Needle

The labyrinth was more my pace.


When I saw this guy I knew it was time to head on back to the hotel.

Snake guy

Sunday I got tickets to the show thanks to some well connected friends.

Xbox paxcosplay 

I’m looking forward to future trips to Seattle to see more city sites and also touch base with friends. In the meantime, stay cool Seattle!

Stay cool seattle