Carson City Dispatch

Blogging live from Jessopland 2.0, aka the Carson City house!  Since my cat sitting and holding down the fort skills are more useful in the Bay Area than my Nevada remodel skills I don’t get up here that much.  That said, I thought I’d give a try at doing a little writing up here to let folks know what these little trips are like for me. 

We left home this morning at 7:00am on the dot.  Since we are going to be up here for a few days we opted to bring Mrs. B with us.  Her capture was pretty drama free thanks to Jerry’s help lifting the futon (Mrs. B’s favorite hiding spot) and an early morning dose of kitty xanax. 

The drive through the mountains was very smoky thanks to the San Andreas fire.  We also saw a lot of fire trucks.

fire  fire truck

We got to the house by noon.  So far we’ve been to both Home Depots and the Lowes at least once each.  We also made a trip to Pet Smart where we had a very interesting conversation about the new cat toy I bought for Mrs. B.  Jerry thought a pink firefly was “too gay” so I had to remind him that a) it was for a cat and b) the cat is a girl. 

While Mrs. B and I played with her new “gay” cat toy, Jerry fed his lizard friends. I like to call him the lizard whisperer. 


Dinner was at our favorite all you can eat sushi bar at the Casino Fandango.  I love the cilantro roll!

cilantro roll

Now I’m hunkered down in the bedroom, enjoying the portable air conditioner Jerry bought and set up a few weeks ago.  The rest of the house is 85 degrees so the bedroom is like the lunar module in Apollo 13 where the astronauts survived the ordeal until they returned safely back to earth.  At the moment Mrs. B is hiding under the bed but as soon as she gets antsy she’s getting another dose of kitty xanax.  In the meantime I’m enjoying my own medicine prescribed by Dr. Husband. 

dr husband

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