Destruction of the Temple

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I’m extremely concerned about the political state of our nation. We’re living in very uncertain times and it’s stressful to say the least. In an effort to stay positive and reinforce my belief that we will get through this, I’ll try anything.

Case in point, the other day I picked up a bible. I haven’t read the Bible in…I don’t know how long…15 years at least. However, the other morning I was feeling particularly distressed. I had slept fitfully the night before and faced a long, isolating work at home day. I spotted a copy of my old Good News Bible on the shelf and thought “Why not?” I opened it up and got Mark 13 where Jesus talks about the destruction of the temple.

Randomly opening the Bible is a great way to get messages from God. While I’ve read about the destruction of the temple several times before, this was the first time I finally understood it. If you haven’t read the passage, it’s not exactly a pretty picture. In this chapter Jesus talks about how horrible things will be before the second coming. There will be great suffering and fear and false prophets who will fool many people. Jesus warned that things would get even worse but advised not to give up faith. He said that while no one knows the day or hour, when the Son of Man comes we will know it.

I am not and never have been a fundamentalist. While the part in this passage about fear and false prophets certainly resonates with me right now, I do not think that Jesus was predicting any specific event. Instead I think he was teaching about faith. He was describing fear and frustration, things that a lot of Americans are going through right now, and Jesus’ point was no matter how bad things get don’t give up faith. This is a message that I really need right now.

We are surrounded by doom and gloom right now. Every day something new comes out about the president’s ties to Russia while Congress refuses to do anything about it. Regulations designed to protect our environment are lifted. Laws are passed allowing ISPs to invade our privacy. Threats to our current health care are made. However, as these things are happening glimpses of faith show through. Congress couldn’t get enough votes to pass their health care bill. Judges block the travel ban. The Senate pledges to investigate Russia when the House investigation is stymied. These things are happening because the will of the American people is strong and we don’t give up.

What we are seeing in America today is not just politics. What we are seeing is a change in consciousness. A change in consciousness is what Jesus is referring to when he talks about the second coming. The Son of Man is not an actual person with mystical powers (like people believe about Jesus). The Son of Man is all of us and the second coming can happen any time to anyone. The second coming is a shift in thinking. It’s that moment when you realize that it’s not just you and your thoughts. It’s that moment when you see that glimmer of light, powered by truth, joy and love, in yourself.

Like Jesus says about the Son of Man, when it arrives we know it. That glimmer of light is what told many of us on November 9th “something isn’t right.” That glimmer of light is what got a million women to put on pink hats and march in cities across the country on January 21st. That glimmer of light is why people around the country are crowding into town halls and demanding answers from their congressmen.

That glimmer of light is our truth, it’s what makes us love unconditionally and it is why we are here. The more of us who show our truth and continue to let our light shine, the more it will catch on. Like a single candle that powers others, the Son of Man can spread to other people. Who knows, maybe the light will jump to a politician here and there they too will have their second coming.

3 thoughts on “Destruction of the Temple

  1. Linda Barbane

    Well said my friend. There are a lot
    Of hidden messages in the bible
    That we can see happening now.


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