Woke. Literally.

We stayed up late to watch the Senate vote on healthcare last night. It was 1:30am back east but only 10:30pm here. Still I was ready to settle down with my wine and book when Jerry called out, “History is being made.” I came out to the living room to see John McCain talking to a group of Democratic Senators, including Diane Feinstein. They were smiling and McCain hugged Diane. Twenty minutes later McCain cast the deciding “No” vote which killed the “skinny bill” that was intended to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

All across the country people were watching this. Millions of people who depend on ACA, people with chronic diseases, people with Cancer, people with disabled and sick children, have been in a state of anxiety for months while the Republicans in Congress has been trying to take this away. Republicans have been promising their constituents for 7 years that they are going to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. The problem is now that they have full control of the Congress and Presidency they do not have a sufficient plan to replace it with. They’ve have 7 years to come up with a free-market plan that will give Americans access to affordable healthcare and they never did that. How can people be so stupid?

That we were up late watching a Senate vote, not some reality show or sporting event, says something about what is happening in the country. That sense that I get when I feel like “everything is going to be OK,” that’s what happened last night. Americans are woke, literally woke last night, and we are going to take back our country. Trump will not last a full term and he will not destroy this country. We won’t let him.

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